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Modern Motor Trimmers Services are a recognised leader throughout Australia in the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of premium quality ISRI® seats and suspension seating products. We work with a diverse range of customers across many industries spanning the mining, building, construction, engineering and transport sectors to provide ergonomic, world-class seat systems which maximize driver safety and comfort.

As the only authorised dealer of ISRI® truck seats in Perth, we continue to deliver innovative seating solutions to all of our clients and provide them with technical support wherever required. With our vast experience in the seating industry we also provide repair services for all popular truck makes and models including VOLVO, SCANIA, ISUZU and more.

In addition to these services we also offer UV protective sun blinds, canvas seat covers and specialised mining solutions.

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“The quality of our products, the expertise of our people and the reliability of supply has played a major role in establishing Modern Motor Trimmers as a preferred supplier of suspension seats.”

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